Download torrent files through IDM Free!

Why should you download torrent files using IDM?

  • You can increase the Download Speed up 10 times as compared to utorrent
  • No additional software or client side tools are required
  • No need to care about torrent’s health, because you are downloading directly from the server
  • IDM is the most popular downloader for windows and it can handle your downloads in a better way than other downloaders
  • You can can select the files inside the torrent. No need to download unnecessary content is a free site to download torrent files through IDM here are the reasons why you should use zbigz

  • You can download upto 1GB free without creating any account
  • Max download speed for free users is 150kb/s
  • No speed limit for premium users
  • No network restrictions
  • Just upload the torrent and then download it no time waste



Visit and download the torrents at super fast speed at :


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